This book provides critical insights into marketing communications and brand development in a business landscape transformed by an evolving digital environment, increasing industrialisation with associated environmental hazards, and the global Covid-19 pandemic. Organisations that strategically align with these realities are positioned to communicate their offerings effectively.

Volume I of the book explored contemporary issues in marketing communications and brand development, offering a futuristic perspective. Volume II responds to these changing market dynamics by focusing on three themes: Marketing Communications and Technology, Covid-19, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Practices.

Technology offers organisations an avenue for adaptive marketing communications that effectively align their goals with consumers’ needs and expectations. Covid-19 continues to pose significant social and economic challenges to product and service distribution and brand development strategies. CSR and sustainability initiatives are needed to reassure public confidence in corporate efforts to fight environmental hazards. Contributors to Volume II offer researchers and practitioners contemporary marketing communications and brand development strategies needed to prepare for the challenges posed by a continuously changing world.

 “Companies must respond with dynamic branding and marketing communications strategies to survive in a changing world. This book provides recommendations that will drive business performance, build customer loyalty, increase engagement and overall patronage – even in difficult times. Joel Edmund Nettey, World President & Chairman, International Advertising Association
“This well-organised book on marketing communications and brand development offers new insights into business situations in emerging economies by illustrating the problems, issues, and possible solutions utilising a pragmatic approach.” Gurmeet Singh, Professor and Head, School of Business & Management, The University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Ogechi Adeola is Associate Professor of Marketing and Head of Department of Operations, Marketing and Information Systems at the Lagos Business School, Nigeria. 

Robert E. Hinson is Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) at the University of Kigali, Rwanda.

A M Sakkthivel is a Professor of Marketing at Skyline University College, UAE.

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