Former presidential candidate, Peter Obi and Valentine Ezigbo, a seasoned politician and ex-gubernatorial candidate for Anambra State have both extended their heartfelt congratulations to Professor Ogechi Adeola on her recent appointment as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics) at the University of Kigali.

Valentine Ezigbo, known for his keen interest in education and progressive policies, praised Professor Adeola’s remarkable achievements as a scholar and visionary. He emphasized the importance of having accomplished individuals like her contributing to the academic landscape, fostering innovation, and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Peter Obi, a respected politician and advocate for educational development, echoed Ezigbo’s sentiments, highlighting Professor Adeola’s outstanding scholarly contributions and her forward-thinking vision.

Ezigbo commended the University of Kigali for recognizing and appointing such a distinguished academic leader.

Both Obi and Ezigbo expressed their optimism about the positive impact Professor Adeola would make in her new role, fostering academic excellence and contributing to the growth and development of the university and its students.

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