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Ogechi Adeola is an Author, Professor of Marketing, 
and  the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at
University of Kigali, Rwanda.


One word that best describes me is – colourful. I love all the colours of the rainbow, and this is reflected in my life, work and writings. I am both a fiction and academic writer. With fiction, my pen makes words come alive and I let the reader flow with me into my wonderful world of imagination. With the  more ‘serious’ task of academic writing, my multidimensional research is at the intersection of marketing, strategy, indigenous entrepreneurship and gender in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ogechi Adeola

Exciting News! You're Invited to My Inaugural Lecture

I am excited to announce my upcoming Inaugural Lecture, titled “Decolonising Africa’s Business Practices: Pro-Indigenous Marketing Pathways to a Paradigm Shift”. It would be an honour to have you join me as I share my insights and passion for promoting indigenous business models and practices through marketing.

In this lecture, I will be delving into pro-indigenous marketing pathways to promote African business practices and position Brand Africa. The Invitation Card is attached. I’m looking forward to sharing this special moment with you.

Thank you for your continued support!


Africa has a long history of conducting businesses embedded in social networks, entrepreneurial activities and business clusters. Prior to the western colonisation in all spheres of the African structural system, the continent had its own traditional cultural and business systems upon which its nations were built. In a search for an Africa-centric model, it is time to look inward and consider indigenous entrepreneurial theories, philosophies and practices to engineer our development. This Series aims to explore successful indigenous African Enterprises, covering business methods, trade practices, talent management, entrepreneurial incubation, financial practices, family businesses and succession planning, and sales and marketing practices.