Extra Extra! The book is finally here – A dream comes true. We did it!

Twenty-nine authors embarked on this journey with me over a year ago to document the entrepreneurial process, practices and business heritage of the Igbos of south-eastern Nigeria for posterity and as a launchpad for portraying the uniqueness of this Africa’s indigenous enterprise.  

Introducing “Indigenous African Enterprise, The Igbo Traditional Business School (I-TBS)” recently published by Emerald Publishing Limited, UK. This book examines an indigenous Africa-centric business model practised by the Igbos of south-eastern Nigeria.

It traces the origins, development, and key themes including apprenticeships, entrepreneurial clusters, sales practices, conflict management, talent recruitment, indigenous financial practices, locally-generated venture capital, family businesses, and succession planning.

The unique framework and rules of operation collectively referred to as the Igbo Traditional Business School (I-TBS) in the book, if well-positioned, can make positive contributions to Africa’s social and economic advancement.   I-TBS is not your conventional academic institution as it operates outside the classroom….

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